Cinque Terre, Food Trucks and Firenze’s 32nd Annual Half Marathon

Our guest blogger, McKenzie, is back – this time she also ran her first half marathon!

Sojourn #8 This weekend was a time to slow down a bit and spend it in my spring semester ‘home town’ of Florence, with a day trip to Cinque Terre. Now when I say slow down, that is really referencing my weekend travel excursions to the fabulous cities throughout Europe. On this particular weekend I was signed up to run the 32nd Annual Firenze Half Marathon on Sunday, April 12! Continue reading “Cinque Terre, Food Trucks and Firenze’s 32nd Annual Half Marathon”


Amster{damn}, You Are One Cool City!

Our guest blogger, McKenzie, had a last minute weekend trip, and we must say she chose a pretty cool city!

Sojourn #7 Olivia and I decided last minute to travel to Amsterdam for a weekend diversion. I’m so glad we did, because it’s now on my list of favorite cities ever. The only thing I really knew about Amsterdam was that The Fault in Our Stars bench was there and the people around the world went ballistic when it was removed (don’t worry it was returned). Continue reading “Amster{damn}, You Are One Cool City!”

Dublin, Ireland…A whale of a time

Our guest blogger, McKenzie, is back for her European version of spring break!

Spring Break in the US or Europe, it’s basically the same… university students get a week break! Two of my best friends from home, Chandler and Jackie, came to visit me for their spring break. We spent the week exploring Florence – hiking up to Piazza Michelangelo and climbing all 463 steps to the top of the Duomo. When I finally made it to step #463 and took in the view of all of Florence, the burning in my legs melted away. Wow, it was so breathtaking! However, Sojourn #6 began on Thursday when we set out for Dublin, Ireland where we would spend the weekend celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Continue reading “Dublin, Ireland…A whale of a time”