London, I’m in love!

Our guest blogger, McKenzie, is back and this time she has fallen in love…with London!

Some of you must be wondering whether I’m actually in school because of my never-ending travels. Yes, I am in school, but no… school does not hold me back from all my adventures!

Sojourn#4 was a girls’ trip to London for a roommate’s birthday. This was a love affair that began at first sight and continued to grow throughout the weekend!


London_1London felt like my ‘home away from home’, aka New York City (okay so that’s my dream home post-graduation, but you get the point). We stayed at the Sanderson Hotel. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a trendy place to stay! As soon as you walk inside you are greeted by a big lip-shaped couch – talk about adorable right?

London_2Friday we began our day with tea at The Tea Room at Harrods and then spent the remainder of the day exploring this miraculous city, seeing all of the sites that are a ‘must see’ in London – from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace to the London Eye. I was constantly in awe of everything we saw, and I’m still in awe of this great city as I sit capturing my London experience in text.

London_3Friday night we met up with a few of our friends from TCU who are studying abroad in London this semester. I’m not much of a night owl, but the London nightlife was supposedly unlike any other so I figured I’d find out for myself. Let me tell you, my first night out in London far exceeded any expectations I could have possibly had. We arrived at Mason House a little before 11pm, and what happened next was anything but ordinary. As we were standing outside waiting for our friends to arrive, a limo pulled up and media surrounded the entrance of the nightclub. The next thing I knew Kendra Wilkinson was stepping out of the limo with a few friends, James Anderson (linebacker for Dallas Cowboys) being one of them. It just so happened that we found ourselves at one of the many fashion parties for London Fashion Week. With my love for fashion I could not contain my excitement!

What are the odds that the one weekend we decide to visit London also happens to be the start of LFW15?


We talked, laughed, and joked with Kendra Wilkinson for a good half hour…I’m still letting that sink in.


Saturday we spent the majority of our day strolling through the streets of London, and of course, shopping. With London having the original Topshop, it was an absolute must on my list of places to go during my stay. The shopping in London definitely did not disappoint, and I’m already looking forward to my return – which will be in the near future.

Sunday in London is like no Sundays anywhere in the world. Now, everyone knows the unspoken rule that when you travel to London, you have to go to The Breakfast Club.

London_4So of course, Sunday morning, we got up early, packed up our bags, and headed straight for the infamous breakfast spot. Keep in mind that a big breakfast feast is really not a ‘thing’ in Florence – sure a pastry and coffee will do the trick, but it’s hard to find a place where the staff does not look at you funny when you ask if they serve eggs. Being able to eat a big breakfast was very satisfying, and getting to eat it at The Breakfast Club made the experience that much better.

My weekend in London was unlike any other weekend I’ve experienced so far. From the ‘must-see’ tourist sites to the lively nightlife to the charming British accents, this city left an impression to last a lifetime. I will cherish my weekend spent in London forever, and I am already anxiously awaiting the next chapter of this ‘London love’ affair!

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