When in Rome…

Our guest blogger, McKenzie, is back as her adventures around Europe take her to Rome!

Sojourn#5 was a trip with my TCU study abroad program to Rome. You know, the place where Lizzie McGuire became an international pop star and was swept off her feet by the insanely hot Italian, Paolo? Well… I’ll save you all the angst and tell you now – unfortunately, that did not happen to me (sigh). I did, however, get to see some of the most beautiful historical sites Rome has to offer and I got to experience this exciting city on my 21st birthday. For the rest of my life, the memory of my 21st birthday will always start with ‘Rome’. Continue reading “When in Rome…”


London, I’m in love!

Our guest blogger, McKenzie, is back and this time she has fallen in love…with London!

Some of you must be wondering whether I’m actually in school because of my never-ending travels. Yes, I am in school, but no… school does not hold me back from all my adventures!

Sojourn#4 was a girls’ trip to London for a roommate’s birthday. This was a love affair that began at first sight and continued to grow throughout the weekend! Continue reading “London, I’m in love!”